Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well darlings! What was the come back of the year has some what subsided a little! I’ve failed to post for 17 days now! I know you’re thinking WTF? I was on a role 3 posts in 4 days and then nothing!

I must confess I had a tiny problem with plumbing! Oh no darlings don’t worry this pussy is in full working order! We’ve just had a lot of work done to the house over the past couple of weeks I’ve not been able to blog as often as I wished! Let me tell you my fellow pussies I had many an idea during the course of the floorboards being pulled up, pipes being laid and now when it come to an abundance of time I have nothing! Not one single thing!

So darlings I’m not really sure what my point is other than to tell you I’m still here just emotionally retarded at the moment! My brains such a scrabble I have no idea what I’m doing! I’ll leave you with a quote from my gorgeous self!

"Oh you know inwardly crushed with an age defying exterior"

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Facial Hair

How are you my fellow pussies on this fine British summer’s day? Well let’s just say it was until the dear Lord decided to covers us with clouds!

I have a rather delicate matter to discus with you today darlings! Facial hair! Now let’s get one thing straight, I DO NOT HAVE FACIAL HAIR! It really does bother me when I see these young pussies gallivanting about with more facial hair than some guys I know! Such times remind me of the bearded lady!What a beauty she was darlings until somethning rather unfortunate happened. *Evil laugh*

Thinking about it now should have been a totally bitch, wait I am a totally bitch! Bearded ladies these not excuse for such beardedness! After all darling you can pluck, shave, wax, electrolysis. The list goes on and on! So If I see you walking around with facial hair I'll direct you to the nearest beautician!

I'm off to get a manicure now! xx

Thursday, September 03, 2009

What am I doing??

Twice in one week, aren't you lucky darlings! Once again I seem to have lost my train of thought. No matter after all I do have my good looks to fall back on, not everyone can say that!

Would you believe it the ROC is still with us? I know I was shocked too when I turned up for work and saw her from behind. Not a picture you really want in before you eat! My immediate thought was finger, through, blush repeat!

I’ll leave you with this final gem from the number on source of entertainment that is the ROC!

"The unique thing about Parker pens is you have to keep the lid on or they dry up."

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Former Darling Tries Again!

Yes that’s right bitches Pussy is back! After a 27 month break and hundreds* of letters begging me to start blogging again I’ve taken the plunge and will attempt to write once more!

There have been many rumours going around about why I’ve been absent for so long but being locked up and used as a sex slave in a Taiwanese jail** is not the one! At this point I’m not willing to disuse such matters!

I know you’re looking at this blog and thinking same old shite, well you could be right! I promise you this should have been a glamorous affair and a bitchin new look, but you just can’t get the staff these days! And until I figure these things out for myself this place is going to stay looking like a dump!

You know I’ve kinda forgotten what I was going to post about! So I’ll have to make a comeback some other time!

Laters bitches!

Love Pussy xx

Tip of The Day: Never wear flats, you look shite in them! *kisses*

*okay maybe only one person
** May actually be true! :o

Monday, May 07, 2007


OMG could this be the best ever horoscope!

"With the Sun, your ruler, focusing on public acclaim, and ambitious Mars highlighting business and financial affairs, fame and fortune beckon. But don't sit back and wait for your star quality to be recognised when, with loquacious Mercury about to move in your favour, you can shout it from the rooftops. You are already ahead of the game – so stay there."

So darlings, fame and fortune beckon eh! Does this mean I have to get this done by the end of the week when the next weekly horoscopes is published?? If that is so I better get a move on! Any ideas??

Monday, February 19, 2007

Garden Centre Ornaments (Gorgeous)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy 21st Mischa Barton

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